Anticipating further changes to Google's algorithm

Thursday, August 30, 2012 9:36 AM

Edmonton SEO experts can help a business navigate changes to Google Penguin, which according to QueryClick are upcoming.

Darren Paterson of QueryClick wrote that website designers should take a pre-emptive role in making sure the expected update to Google's search ranking algorithm does not significantly harm the site's standing.

In preparing for the upcoming change to the Penguin algorithm, it may be instructive to consider the first Penguin change. Google launched its first Penguin update to combat what the company saw as "over-optimisation." The purpose was to weed out sites that seemed to be gaming the system to show up on page one or two of a Google search query, Paterson wrote.

In particular, the Penguin changes lowered the page ranks for sites using too many keywords, sites with lots of links from non-reputable sources and sites featuring content initially found elsewhere, according to Paterson.

"Even though at its heart it is targeting those working unethically it is possible for those unaware of the update to realise what had happened," Paterson wrote. "So even if you have not been involved in any black hat tactics – many of the above factors could have been a problem or a factor in the drop in rankings and traffic. Having an over-optimised website is a perfect example; therefore it's vital that in the future quality control is much higher."

After the first Penguin algorithm update in May, 65 percent of respondents to a Search Engine Roundtable poll said their websites had less traffic directed to them by Google as a result of the change.

Preventing potential Penguin problems
Edmonton SEO experts can protect sites from dropping in Google page rank by only using SEO tactics that do not try to game the system. So long as professional web designers do not try to accumulate lots of links from non-reputable sources and are not stuffing keywords into a web page, then the site should not be negatively affected by the next Penguin update.

For example, one SEO tactic to avoid is the buying of incoming links. According to Ben Bernstein of Business2Community, while Google will boost a page's ranking if it has lots of links to it from other sites, the search engine now frowns on efforts seen as unnaturally gaining links.

One way in which an Edmonton website design specialist can improve a site's ranking is by using video content. Bernstein wrote that Google now sees videos as a way to judge a site's relevance for a specific topic.

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