Collaborative search engine optimisation

Monday, October 29, 2012 5:14 PM

An October 29 Search Engine Land article provided tips to help companies better understand and implement search engine optimisation. The article explained that many people feel threatened by SEO, so the tips are intended to provide a different perspective on something that can often be negatively interpreted.   

One of the tips noted the importance of developing a plan to achieve a good page rank. A strategic SEO program encourages companies to work across business channels so new products can influence SEO strategies and tactics. This allows for decisions to be made with foreknowledge rather than on the fly. In addition, by having various elements of the enterprise, including management, social media writers and advertisers, meet regularly, a company is able to better assess the progress of the SEO program in place across various departments.

To further encourage the collaborative element of SEO, the article encouraged providing business users with SEO training. This will not only help Web designers, social media managers and others understand how keywords and target URLs function, but also allow them to better understand SEO analytics and other resources, thereby enabling better decision making on their part.

Toward a company-wide SEO initiative
Providing non-technical users such as marketers or sales people with search engine optimisation training endows them with a technical know-how, and it gives them the opportunity to be better informed about the general SEO strategy and to better understand their particular role in enhancing SEO strategy.

By making SEO a company-wide venture, the initiative is more likely to succeed. The article stated that “SEO extends beyond any one person or section,” noting that it affects everyone in the organisation, from the website developers to finance and sales people. These insights demonstrate that search engine optimisation should not be relegated to a singular element of the business, as the marketing strategy requires insights from the entire company in order to lead more people to a website.

A SearchEngineWatch article from February also said SEO requires more internal collaboration. A range of collaborative partners can enhance SEO, from technicians to social media specialists. Each of these voices improves the ability for data and ideas to be shared across a company, increasing an organisation's ability to react to changes in technology and the market. 

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