Professional web design tips for museums

Friday, February 22, 2013 5:16 PM

As people become more dependent on the internet for communications, no organization can hope to meet the expectations of customers or patrons without a quality online presence. This is also true of museums, as even the world's top institutions may need professional web design help in their efforts to serve the public.

In a recent article for The New York Times, contributor Alice Rawsthorn expressed her dismay that the websites for two of the top global cultural institutions did not clearly and accurately display basic information such as which exhibitions were on display or how to purchase tickets for an upcoming special event. Museums put a lot of effort into making sure exhibitions are as informative and visually appealing as possible, but that level of effort is not always shown by a museum's web designer.

"Shoddy web site design is a curse of modern life," Rawsthorn wrote. "The more dependent we have become on the internet for information, the likelier we are to suffer from its design deficiencies. Bad design can be infuriating, inconvenient or damaging in any field. But it is especially frustrating in areas like this where many of us find the technology so inscrutable that we tend to blame ourselves for being baffled, because we feel unable to judge whether the design is at fault."

Nina Simon, executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, said museums should think about their online presence in the same way they have always approached outreach efforts. The key for institutions is to present themselves online as an authority figure, clearly and accurately portraying relevant information on the web. Museums should first and foremost design their websites in a way that maximizes on addressing the needs of all potential patrons.

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