SEO tips for new companies

Wednesday, September 05, 2012 9:25 AM

A start-up or a newly formed business needs to cover a few key points as part of a successful SEO web design strategy, according to Google.

Maile Ohye, in a June 25 YouTube video, spelled out the top tips the search engine company could offer to small companies looking to increase their ranking on Google.

One of the main aspects Ohye advised for small business website development is to make sure the chosen domain works for a company's specific needs. For example, an Edmonton SEO expert should decide whether including www in the domain would be effective for a local company. In addition, a start-up should make sure it is listed as the proper owner of its URL, and that the domain was not previously owned by a spammer, reported.

Additionally, professional web designers should make sure the new company's website is designed to incorporate a variety of users and their unique needs. An example of this strategy, MarketingProfs reported, would be a website design that provides an optimal experience for everyone from customers to the press and potential investors.

When it comes to improving page rank, each page should only incorporate a limited number of keywords that a start-up is trying to optimise in the early stages. From there, a branding consultant should daily check the website's ranking in Google both for the chosen keywords and for the company's name, the website reported.

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