Apple's web design remained simplistic over the years

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 3:27 PM

Ever since Apple products were first introduced to the market, the company has been known for its innovative quality and distinct design. One of the largest impacts the corporation has made on society is that it has produced some of the most memorable mobile devices with its iPhone and iPad, which were two of the first majorly successful touchscreen devices in mobile history. According to Cult of Mac, before introducing the two products to the market, the company was on its way toward bankruptcy. However, it quickly became one of the largest and most recognised brands in the world.

In order to cater to its mobility, the corporation has remained up to date with its mobile sites and has remained loyal to its original design while doing so. The company's pioneering website made its way onto the internet in 1996, and was one of the more revolutionary sites to date. The website included a sidebar to direct consumers to any questions they had about the products.

According to the source, the website was designed in a unique way compared to other sites at the time with 'a format that looked more like a fancy email newsletter than a website."

Simplicity has remained the web design focus

Two years later, the website was renovated and made more simplistic, which rings true to this day. Since the second renovation, not much has changed with the look of the site. One of the most significant changes, according to the source, is the "news" section on the website. Prior to the redesign in 1998, the majority of the information the website contained was news stories regarding the company. However, over time there have been others sites developed to cater to consumers while the main website can now predominantly focus on the products Apple has to offer.

Regardless of the changes it has gone through, website design expert Charlie Hoehn said the corporation's web presence has been remarkable.

"It goes without saying that Apple's strength is design, but their homepage deserves credit for being great for so long," he stated on his website. "Ever since its early days, has moved in the direction of being more friendly, focused, simple, and beautiful."

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