Benefits of infinite scroll-based website design

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 2:07 PM

Edmonton web design professionals can meet the needs of many customers through an infinite scroll format, according to one expert. Writing in Forbes, one expert recently described the advantages of this type of design.

Nir Eyal, an expert in psychology and technology, that an infinite scroll website design is better at engaging site visitors with images, especially those using a mobile device.

"Today, designers are dumping the click and flick and opting for the scroll for one simple reason – it works," Eyal wrote.

While pagination may have been effective web design in Edmonton in the past, infinite scroll is better at keeping site visitors on a page, Eyal argued. Part of this stems from a natural curiosity, as website traffic wants to keeps scrolling down to see what else the website has in terms of content.

"And nothing holds our attention better than the unknown," he wrote. "The things that captivate, engross, and entertain us, all have an element of surprise. Our brains can’t get enough of trying to predict what’s next and our dopamine system kicks into high-gear when we’re waiting to know if our team will make the field goal, how the dice will land, or how the movie plot ends. Like a loose slot machine, the infinite scroll gives users fast access to variable rewards."

To help increase the curiosity factor of an infinite wheel graphic web design, Eyal recommended a masonry grid layout that makes a page more visually enticing since it allows for more graphics to be clearly seen at any one time.

Infinite scrolling for mobile and search engine optimisation
In addition, the infinite scroll is far better for mobile web design, especially touch-screen devices. It may take extra seconds for a smartphone or tablet to load a new web page, but it takes just about no time at all to scroll through a page using an infinite scroll format on a mobile device, according to the Forbes article.

"Creating an interface [optimised] for mobile and porting these interface decisions to the web, makes good sense given the projections that mobile is becoming the primary way people access the [i]nternet," Eyal wrote.

An example of infinite scrolling is Google's experimentation with the formatting for its search results. According to a February Convurgency blog post, this type of formatting can aid in SEO web design since it now allows for more than 10 links to appear at one time. However, the post argued that while infinite scrolling allows for more information to appear on one page, chances are the typical site visitor will not see much beyond the top of the page.

Scroll away!

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