Responsive design key to keeping online visitors

Wednesday, September 05, 2012 3:46 PM

Experts predict that within a year and a half, the majority of people accessing the web will do so from mobile devices. Businesses need to ensure they have used responsive web design to keep mobile users engaged, Entrepreneur reported.

Often, mobile users have type a "m" before a URL to access the mobile-friendly version of a website. However, responsive design allows websites to be easily viewed from a variety of screen sizes including smartphones and tablets, according to Entrepreneur.
Instead of designing two sites - one for mobile users and one for desktop computer users - responsive design adapts websites for each device. Responsive websites sense the constraints of the device and automatically reconfigures the site's layout as necessary.

For those making the switch to responsive design, Entrepreneur offered tips. First, it's best for a company to wait until it wants to create a new website or rebuilt it's existing one to introduce the mobile-friendly design tool, because responsive design manages websites in a "radically" different way, making it difficult to integrate into a conventional website.

Timing will also depend on how quickly a company's website visitors are expected to switch to primarily being mobile users. A company should be looking at mobile traffic patterns to determine that "growth curve," Entrepreneur reported. The steeper the curve, the more quickly the company needs to implement responsive design.

If people cannot easily access information on a website, than that company has "automatically failed," Business 2 Community reported. No one is immune to the rise of mobile devices, and if companies do not have websites designed to allow those mobile users to access their websites, the potential for that user to become a future customer is lost, the article stated.

A responsive website will serve all users, whether they are on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. It gives everyone a browsing experience that maximizes the results of a company's online marketing tactics, B2C reported.

To gain inspiration on integrating responsive design, learn what others in the industry are doing by checking their websites from smartphones and tablets, Entrepreneur reported. The websites that require the least amount of pinching, zooming and scrolling can be used as guidance.

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