About Aivia Design and Technology Engineering

Aivia is a market-leading design and technology engineering company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Since our inception in 2002, we’ve sourced and vetted our city’s top talent - the brightest engineers and creative designers - in order to provide our clients with local access to world-class developers. Our core vision is to produce innovative digital products. Our mission isn’t to sell software - it’s to use cutting-edge technology to create custom solutions to help achieve our clients’ goals. We use agile software development methodology and pioneering engineering solutions to create market-leading products that increase organizational efficiency and streamline business processes. Our highly-specialized team excels in the development of iOS/Android Apps and Enterprise Level Software. We also offer in-house creative services specializing in marketing website design services and digital content creation.

We’re committed to elite levels of agility, quality and expertise – and it shows. Our passion for our work is reflected in our products and in the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.