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Get the insight you need to implement technology that redefines your enterprise. The digital specialists at Aivia can help you enhance operational processes by identifying problems and developing solutions using custom made mobile apps and enterprise software. Partner with our consultants to create your own digital framework, or get started now using our free-to-download resource.

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Designed to help you in planning your DX strategy, this digital and printable document covers what to consider and what to prepare for when planning for digital transformation.

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Major Digital Transformation Benefits :

Process Automation
Paperwork Reduction
Resource Optimization


Bring together people and information like never before. Connect people and ideas using technology to harness the power of interconnectivity, software to software, or person to person.

For example, you want your CRM to connect with your accounting software in order to more accurately measure cash flow, or implement an instant chat or messaging system with notifications to speed up communication.

Process Automation

Fine-tune days into hours by eliminating unnecessary steps or redundancies. A faster, more efficient process brings productive output returns in multiples. Create a more agile organization by automating and accelerating process flows between business units. Gain more insight into the data that drives your organization as a result.


Build transparency and accountability internally - between organizational units, and externally - between the organization and its stakeholders. Enable value exchange across the organization by improving communication.

Paperwork Reduction

Optimize information flow and increase reporting accuracy in your organization. Eliminate the paperwork and redundancy associated with everyday tasks, so that tasks can be assigned, initiated completed and shared more efficiently.

Resource Optimization

Eliminate waste, lower costs and save money. Gain key advantages over competitors by making your organization as resource efficient as possible. Whether its time, materials, labour or capital, free up valuable resources to get the most value for your investments.


The feeling you get when something works well. The power it gives you when something that used to be difficult is now a breeze. It empowers you, and delivers the experience of euphoric satisfaction. Forge new relationships with customers. Create a more connected customer experience.

Innovation - Creativity - Technology

Aivia’s wide scope of knowledge across multiple software categories can address almost any business need.

  • Accounting and Book-keeping
  • Invoicing Billing and Cashflow
  • GPS Asset Tracking
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Construction Management
  • Municipal Communication
  • 311 and Pothole Management
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Process Automation
  • Project Management
  • eCommerce and Shopping Carts
  • Equipment Maintenance Systems
  • Event Management
  • Fleet and Vehicle Requests and Maintenance
  • Inspection and Compliance Software
  • Show-home Kiosk Presentations
  • Online Learning Tools
  • Oil and Gas Field Management Systems
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