How Much to Make Uber?

We get asked this question a lot, so we decided to make a page about it to answer some common questions.

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Uber is a great app. It’s powerful, yet easy to use. The design and user experience is focused and elegant. It has literally changed the world. No wonder it inspires so many new ideas in the mobile app development space.

We can’t tell you exactly how much a privately-owned company invested in the creation of a revolutionary app, but we can give you insight into the time and effort that go into some of the features that make Uber, Uber.

Step 1: Just the Tech.

It’s important to separate the business Uber Technologies Inc. from Uber the app. We’re focusing only on Uber the app. As a design and technology engineering company, our insight is only relevant to those areas.

If you are interested in finding out how much it cost to build Uber the business, searching for early investment funding rounds is a great place to start.

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Step 2: Pick the Features

The best way to price out any app is to break it down into a list of feature sets. Think of them as pieces that create a finished puzzle. In an app like Uber, the amount of features the end user interacts with are massive, and even more happens behind the scenes.

User Interface Guidelines

A design prototype that lays out all design choices that engineers use as a reference guide.

Multi-User Types

The app has two major categories of users - drivers and riders. Each user class comes with its own usage cases and feature set access.

Push Notifications

Communication and alert system necessary for many functions of the app to function quickly and effectively.

Payment Module

Allows users to authenticate their account information, one touch pay, add tips, and pay driver commissions.

Ride Matching Algorithm

Allows riders to be matched with the most relevant drivers, and allows drivers to consider and accept requests.

Fare Estimation

Calculates the estimated amount of payment required based on distance, route and other factors like surge pricing.

Tracking and Positioning

Grants the application access to the users mobile device using geolocation, and displays the location of the matched user.

Routing and Directions

Calculates the best route to reach a destination, factoring in variables like traffic levels.


Text based messaging system between drivers and passengers to communicate, share information and arrange any special details of a trip.

User Rating System

2 way rating system for drivers and passengers, including star ratings and comments.

Booking History

Users can view ride history and details, including maps, times, vehicles and costs in their trip archives.

User Support and Feedback

Technical support and ongoing system improvements.

Step 3: Pricing

Uber has a complex feature set with many moving parts. An app with the full feature set listed above could start at $100,000 or more. Taking a look at how much Uber raised for their seed funding round can give you an idea of the costs you are looking at to build a similar mobile application.

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