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Home Automation with Levven Controls


2 mobile devices showing the Levven Controls mobile app
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"We needed to find an expertly skilled local team, well versed in iOS and Android development for use with cutting-edge, proprietary technology– not an easy task."

Case Study Levven Electronics iOS and Android Apps

Versions Developed

2.0 - 4.1


  • Hardware interface with embedded technology
  • Propriety coding language
  • Kotlin and Swift Programming
  • Cloud AWS integration
  • Transitional interface animations

Skillsets Used

  • Swift for iOS Version
  • Kotlin for Android


Our team worked with the embedded software engineers at Levven Electronics to develop a client facing app written in Swift and Kotlin programming languages. A custom user interface along with first run screens help new users set up a technologically advanced system with relative ease.

Our engineers were able to learn and adapt on the fly as we worked with the team at Levven to use and integrate into their proprietary programming language.

Screen Gallery

Screenshot showing connection options for the Levven Controls app

User-friendly connection process to custom hardware

Gateway connection screen for the Levven Controls app

Multiple gateway management

Screenshot of the Levven Controls app showing home devices

Smooth toggle and button controls

Mobile app screenshot showing search functionality

Search by device

Screenshot of home automation device controls in-app (light on/off)

Custom icons for all new electrical devices

Screenshot of Levven mobile application with device zones

Zone management and controls

Levven Controls mobile app displaying a custom zone

Quickly and easily manage all devices in a zone

Screenshot from Levven app displaying all switches

Pair/unpair switches and devices quickly

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