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Mobile Driving Safety Tool

Notifies users of red light cameras, school zones, playgrounds and speed traps

The Radar Fox app on 2 mobile devices

"Created to emphasize traffic safety, this hands-free app features spoken audio alerts that notify you of photo radar zones, red light cameras and school zones while en route to your destination."

Case Study Radar Fox iOS and Android Apps

Versions Developed

1.0 - 2.51


  • GPS location tracking with dynamically sizing geo-fences
  • Kotlin and Swift Programming
  • Functions in the background
  • Database updates automatically each with posted enforcement locations

Skillsets Used

  • Swift for iOS Version
  • Kotlin for Android


A passion project, Radar Fox was one of the earliest mobile apps we developed as a company. The app pulls publicly-posted bylaw enforcement data into a database to populate geofences on the map in areas where photo radar or speed traps will be located. As users pass through the geofence, they are given a context-appropriate audio alert.

Screen Gallery

The Radar Fox mobile app's landing screen

Free mobile application for iOS & Android

Enable tracking for the Radar Fox mobile app

One tap enable/disable location tracking

Enable notifications for the Radar Fox mobile app

Spoken audio alerts means you can keep your eyes on the road

Radar Fox app's map screen

Know locations of photo radars, school zones, and red light cameras

Radar Fox app showing red light camera data

Information sourced directly from municipal authorities

Red light cameras, school zones and speed traps by city in the Radar Fox app

Listed locations for photo radars in each city

Radar Fox mobile app's settings screen

Customize your settings to suit your needs

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